Friday, March 24, 2017

The accident of Winter

     What do they say, "Most shark attacks happen in 5 feet of water !"
    "The majority of car wrecks happen less than 5 blocks from home!"
      Ignoring the obvious fact that 95% of all the people in the ocean at any one time are in less than 5 feet of water, there's something to be said for constant vigilance. Or keeping your guard up and your helmet on even when you're in the home stretch, believing you're safe.
    Two days ago- one of the worst wrecks I've ever had on a bike.
    I went over the front wheel. The crank swung back and drove the pedal into my shin. As the handlebars dug into my gut the open pedal carved its way down toward my ankle and I went face forward into the mud. I lay there thinking, Christ I mighta finally done it. I mighta broken a bone. My leg throbbed, I fought for breath, I stared up at the sky imagining this could have been really bad if I was up in the mountains, miles from anyone and my backyard.
     Yep. I got all geared up for a ride and instead of carrying my bike down the 30 feet from my shack to the front gate I decided to ride it thru the mud and down the short stone stairs. Barely enough time to get both feet in the cleats and turn over the crank.
     And not even half way to the door I lost the back wheel in the clay, looked down, somehow ignored that the stone steps were uneven and flanked by loose granite blocks and ...bought it.
    Boom. Yard sale.
    Literally. As I was in my own yard.
    The rest of the day was easy. Pouring rain in LA meant I had the bike paths to myself. Griffith park mine alone except for one grinning fellow bozo descending as I climbed the switchbacks above Forest Lawn. Mist socked in the top of the Hollywood Hills, you couldn't see 50 yards. The Observatory came out of the grey like a cruise ship. So did the tourists. Like fools on a cruise ship in the rain.
   Descending I had to lean to one side to avoid the spray from the front wheel. My hands shook from the chill, my legs were gooseflesh. I hadn't brought my phone so I discovered that Los Feliz and Silver Lake are a lot bigger than you think. Nice to be loosely lost in this age of constant "show location". I got home and fully clothed just walked into the shower. Watched the mud go down the drain. Heaven is, civilization and its discontents must hinge upon, a steady supply of warm water.
   The low that day, factoring in some wind chill, might have been in the high 40s. Maybe.
   That's as frigid as SoCal gets but it serves as a little reminder that elsewhere Winter still holds sway, still rules the national emotions, is still flowing over our desert metropolis at 30,000 feet on its way to the Sierras and beyond.
    Why it decides not to punish Los Angeles, there must be dry and practical reasons related to geography and math, but I think it's because the Gods and man don't share a timeline. We are as Hummingbirds. They like the tides and the glaciers. I think they still haven't gotten around to believing anyone would try and make a go of it in a coastal desert. Someday, someday...


  1. OMG, I wish you get well soon. I hope it is not so bad. I wish you all the best for your healing.

  2. Ouch, you must have felt sore for a couple of days! It's good you're bike was ok ��

  3. And you want to go horseback riding?!?!?

  4. All I'm going to say is that it sounds like you had a very rough day. I hope you weren't hurt too badly, I am glad you could still go biking, in the pouring rain and the mist, and I am glad you managed to find your way back home from being, how did you put it? "loosely lost?" with no phone. The odds (and I include your expensive yard sale and weather) seemed against you from the start and I admire your determination and accomplishment.

  5. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  6. Yikes! Sorry to hear about ur mishap...glad ur ok!
    B safe out there!

  7. Glad you weren't seriously hurt. Hope your week got better. Be safe.

  8. Glad ur ok and wasn't seriously hurt.

  9. Glad you're okay. Got anything new coming out??

  10. I love the Griffith Observatory and the area around it, and it's a destination whenever I visit CA. Good to hear that you weren't too badly damaged, David.

  11. I love the Griffith Observatory and the area around it, and it's a destination whenever I visit CA. Good to hear that you weren't too badly damaged, David.

  12. I wish you a good recovery and good luck!

  13. Glad you didn't break anything and ok, and that you still went out to ride. I know some who would have called it a day and babied those strong and SAFE...