Thursday, February 9, 2017

feb 9 Aidsride 17. Griffith park and upwards....

    There are days that no matter what you tell yourself you just don't want to see the cars, pass the same bldgs, catch the same lights, the same headwind, the same shite intersection you invariably wait 5 minutes at killing any momentum you just had and turning you previous miles into junk.
   You curse the city.
    You ask yourself why I did I get to know this place so well that I would easily in a heartbeat at the drop of a hat depart and never pass thru again if I didn't have to.
    .....Cause you have to.
   Cause you chose.
    And after two miserable hours you look right and see this:
and it all makes enough sense. Glory is a powerful thing. 
Mountains. Climbing. 50 miles. 


  1. Very cool David and glad to see all is going well! Mrs. McLaughlin, who you met at the Steel City function at Shady Side, was asking after you yesterday.

  2. Makes me wanna go these Pics..thanks!