Wednesday, February 15, 2017

valentines day down Topanga canyon

    I've waited a long time for this.
And I'd imagined this Valentines Day would pass me by, leave me empty handed.
I was wrong
Something happened that's never happened before.
Well two things happened.
I decided that hey if you can ride down LA Crest in a head wind without using your brakes you could do the same down Topanga Canyon Rd. Steeper maybe, curves a little tighter but only a few of them: get the line right and you're home free.
All these years fearing that descent. I didn't even think twice. Weird. Or I just care less.
Thing number two: at one bend two motorcyclists came up the other direction, at a pretty good clip as I curved into the lane beside them..
   and the guy on the second bike in a split second that seemed to last longer made that gesture motorcyclists make to each other, that greeting where they nod and point two fingers toward the ground, "keep the rubber side down" I suppose... I don't know, but I've been riding a bike fairly seriously for 25 years and .....not a single BMW, Harley, Ducatti, Yamaha, Indian, Vincent, Honda, Aprila, whateverness moto rider has ever done that for me.
  Not that I care. Or need em. Silly guys on there rockets moving their right hands and leaning back and forth. All hard looks about your lycra when they're hanging out in their leathers at the top of a 20 mile climb that you climbed and they...drove.
  But made me smile. And think, fuck I can do this.
  Close to 40mph I think on the last pitch.
  Overall ride 60 ish miles.
  Made me wanna go see the King Gillette ranch now that I've ridden by it for two decades.
  Funny. All the riding has made me realize I need to do more stopping.


  1. When you least expect it people do surprise you. Faith in mankind has been restored I guess.

    Reading this made me smile. Thanks ... stay safe and take care, even at 40mph ;)

  2. Life is full of surprises, always believe and always have faith.

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  4. That must have been a rush. Sometime we need to stop and enjoy the view.

  5. Your last sentence...very reflective. I think theres a message in there for us all.

  6. Sometimes, ya just gotta go for it!...for me, I'm on my way to owning my own little farm (and maybe my next racehorse-if I can find that elusive 'diamond in the rough') ;-D ...Keep enjoying your fun/life!

  7. Sometimes, we have to take the time to stop and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. <3