Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dirt roads

   I rarely drive to a ride. I tend to wanna ride to riding. Always felt like cheating to go up the suburban roads to a trail head to start. Parking in front of people's houses seemed a tad declasse.
   But now I live so far from the mt trails that Id be bushed by the time I arrived. Wasted red light miles.
   So I drove all the way to the dirt above Sepulveda pass and started from there.
   And Christ does that make life easier.
   Just where you don't want life to be easy.
   And how I missed the transition. Leaving society, the city, the people'd and car heavy streets with their shops and many stops and rising into a wilderness. And then you go back down, from mist and sage smell all around to the mini malls and the ladies back from yoga or the picking up of the kids.
   Not to be sexist but come visit West LA sometime...
   But yesterday none of that happened. I rode at altitude the whole way to and fro. Up on the fire lanes between Sepulveda pass and Topanga Canyon which the more I see of it the more amazing it becomes.
  And I did feel like a cheater. Took forever to build up a sweat. Got a lot of hard looks from the mt bike types who wear big shorts and t shirts and put their water bag on their Im in the same lycra I wear on the road....reminds me of the "scandal" happened when a snow boarder showed up at a worlds level comp in racing tights and not the baggy gear most boarders use as their look and the other boarders wouldnt race her. Said she was ruining the "tradition", the laid back style of the board culture.
  All I could think was she was trying to win and they were worried about their endorsement deals. The snobbery of anti-snobbery.
  I like to feel like Im in a seal skin when I ride. I guess it goes back to swimming which I suppose everything does for me as I cant remember not swimming - but to imitate that state....the smoothness, the androgyne wrapping....getting you thru the air as simply as possible.
   Topanga, Topanga....what a gem. All that green and gold country up on the hills above what from the road looks like same old more and more LA housing. Somebody did some good hard work keeping the tract homes from buying up that miracle.
   I sat on a rock that has a 360 view. LA, water, more Mts, the Valley, the big Mts beyond it. Stunning. Hadnt ridden far enough, hadnt pushed myself, the bike felt like it weighed a ton which it does, and I just didnt care. Breathe. Look. Watch the birds wheel by. The lizards. The butterflies. Both of whom, cold blooded boobies and delicate wind wanderers seemed especially active that day. Dancing about me and running out into the road, is it the beginning of their Spring these mindless desert beauties?
  I hope so. They like the heat and I did too, knowing I can leave it once more.


  1. Nice entry, Thank you! Not sure if you ever read your comments, but this is what came to my mind after reading your words...

    Legs fatigued, after all the miles they have carried you.
    Countless journeys have so depended on them.
    You hear them curse your name with steady vibration.
    They have become numb, weary with your search... wondering what it is that you seek.
    Your quest thus far has only taken you in circles.
    An anchor silently awaits you in the distance.
    Sit. Rest. Calm your breath.
    Look around and gaze apon the beauty that is here.
    Flecks sparkle in the distance. Evening stars dancing with dreamers below .
    Your body is thankful for the pause. Your mind however, still in pursuit of clarity.
    Slow your pace, run no more.
    Begin to enjoy the synchronistic events unfolding before you.
    Be thankful and smile that your heart leads you to your visions...your destiny.
    Listen closely to the gentle, blowing breeze for your answers to be revealed.


  2. Thank you for another beautiful description of Los Angeles County.

  3. They (whoever they are) say it's not the destination but the journey. But isnt the destination part of the journey. No destination no journey, no reason to make the journey (which you have). ok you feel you cheated but how many km did you actually cycle. To get you away from humanities maddening bustle and mechanical noise and be amongst the butterflies and the mountains sitting on a rock. Maybe not as little as you think. Looking like a seal isn't a bad thing if you are comfortable.

  4. Made me think of this

  5. Enjoy! It is where we have been and what we take away to keep that makes us who we are at any given moment. So ride on grab as many dirt roads you can find.

  6. I see no cheating, just doing. It's all about the steps we take to get to our destination. We all start in a different place. The success is in doing.

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