Thursday, January 12, 2017

LONNNNNGGGGG Bike RIde for a BiiiiiG Cause

   Hey folks out there in internet land- friends I've already pestered from three different platforms, pals, distant relatives, ethernet brethren.......
   I'm gonna ride my bike from San Fran to LA in June to raise money for HIV/ AIDS research.
   Check out their website
   You can pull up the main page, tap donate up above, type in my name, the rest
is simple. Please help at any level if you can.
   I'm also gonna put together a blog update thing on that site - I'll have a "personal page" - and basically I'll be writing something about each training ride I do and adding silly pictures and video. Had some laughable rides already. Lotta rain in LA right now and boy that can wreak havoc in the mountains. My landlord almost had to hose me down before she'd let me in the apt.
   Anyhow....if you would, if anyone you know has been hit by this worldwide much has been done, stunning progress has been made to retard and reduce the impact of HIV on a person but for the poor, for the inner city working class the presence of HIV is full on to this day.
   I worked with children last year, a story telling class in a small town near Pittsburgh with the largest unemployment rate in Pennsylvania and there isn't one of them unaffected by HIV. An uncle, a cousin, an aunt, a brother.
  Please help.

  'Cause all during this ride I'll be feeling the "good pain."



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  2. Wishing you all the best of luck. Cheers!

  3. I sincerely hope, you'll be able to not only enjoy the 'good pain' but to take in the beautiful scenery while doing this ride. To me it's one of the most beautiful parts. Stay safe (and healthy).

  4. You may’ve already thought of this.
    But on the off-chance you hadn’t, I wanted to reach out and share.
    Because what you’re doing matters.
    And would really matter to Them - The Kids.
    - If they knew.
    I was touched by your ‘why’.
    Your learning more from them - than they you, really resonated with me.
    I’d like to encourage you to connect again with them.
    I’ve taught for years, and well, I can’t help but think it’d be a profound gift to the kids - if they knew that you’re doing what you’re doing - because you were impacted by them - their lives, their stories.

    Though its simple, its often missing for many - that feeling - the feeling that someone heard them.
    That they’ve made a difference…
    which is now even more widely spread - because you're raising more awareness as you raise funds for medical research.

    Whether its in person in a followup session like “Storytelling 101, Take 2” - or their each receiving good old-fashioned handwritten note, I think it’d have lasting impact. Even jotting a quick note on a copy of your blog entry to each of them -
    just sharing what you were moved to do,
    because of their sharing.
    Their lives.
    Their stories.

  5. Would like love to donate, but not a fan of online transactions since a recent identity theft. Could you post a physical address and information? I didn't see it in the link. Thank you for your effort in improving the quality of life for many who are not so fortunate.